Monday, November 17, 2008

Who am I?

I went Halloween Bash last Friday to cover the event for my assignment, I simply grab what I have in my wardrobe and dress up what I have in mind.When I reach college everyone keep asking are you Bree( Desperate Housewives), are you Blair (Gossip Girls) and another friend saw me in FB ask am I Ms.Hepburn? Well, I have no idea, I guess thats all a mixture ;) Let me show you and you do the comment.

img_2791I shall say that night I enjoy the most is photo taking session, where everyone keep asking for photos. Besides that as a professional photographer looking for nice angle, Mr. Francis is one of our mentor that night teaching us how to do this and that "On the Flash!"

Overall it was alright not counting the open dance floor part.Ewww....





There are more picture but I malas to upload all ;)

I come not to start this relation but to finish the walk together!


yue said...

oops this comment was meant for the later post. haha! :P

yue said...

i'm sooo lovin' the fish eye lens! its awesome :D

sabrina chng said...

Eh, don't just love the lens but LOMO k? ;)