Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello December!

Finally,I've went through the torturing 3 days finals are over and here comes ME! Ijust can't wait till Christmas with all the songs,present ahhh wonderful! I strongly suggest you guys to stop by my church on 13 December (Sat), 8pm Christmas Musical Drama will be there for more info call me or text me ;)


I can't believe is the end of 2008 and I'm looking forward next year I'm 21 and I need to start my internship so much to catch up with but I know I can do it! This year is just a though one. Hence,I've made it!This time I wish to have a break somewhere like Bangkok, China or Thailand. I was looking for air ticket, and someone to go with ;) Shopping is the time during December!

Before all the fun get started I need to pray hard and work hard for our up coming Christmas Drama,I just can't wait to see the production of L. Honey, all these while you've done a great job just push a lil harder and you'll see the results that God has made you go through you can do it! I'm with you to lend you a hand of course my shoulder.

Anyhow, a shout out to all have a splendid holidays + I'm gonna miss you guys especially the SCB's! Muah!

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