Thursday, December 18, 2008

My December

December started,and I smell the scent of love & joy! Especially shopping malls, everyone busy looking for the best present for the love ones. Seriously I haven't start any,but I've got a lot under my chritsmas tree!!! Anyhow, this happens only this year because I'm busy with all the rehearsal and practice for Christmas drama.It's really tiring,getting home late night, sprint my leg too! But God make impossibles into POSSIBLE! Let's see what I have in my camera, not much picture took that night nor the practice time cause I'm too tire to do so.


full dress rehearsal with Jing Xiao aka "dou yin" !


on that day itself first scene credit to Yue

dsc05686I love my class monitor!!! muah*


thanks for coming both my dear ;)


as usual the siao groupie..

dsc05693the cast!

I shall say we did a great job, everything we went through were worthwhile!

Praise the Lord!

after all the hard work, relax is the best word to describe! We headed to Genting.


spot the difference ;)


this trip was a lil different went there with a bunch of kids, they were just adorable and happy go lucky! We split up, so me and L went to have our own slow ride, I enjoy most of the slow rides! Broke record, I went  7 rides in themepark ( out and indoor) on December SCHOOL HOLIDAY! Although the Q were long, hence I get to spend time talking to them ;)

img_7409thanks for being with me darling, it's such a wonderful trip where I get to collect all my childhood memory wit

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