Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gossip Girls.

I'm having a hard time this semester, all thanks to the lecturer. Putting me with people that are hard to deal with especially "E". I thought that x have change after 3 years and yet x is not STILL remain the same. Somehow, I think that nobody is perfect to have a reason to scold me. Being polite to everyone is called manner, hence some people doesn't understand what is called POLITE.

When i were called to be with x in a group, I was thinking God You won't be kidding me right? Well, Sab accept the fact okay okay! Test of the year? or the semester? whatever it is, I still accept it I know I can't change the situation but to accept and do what I can.

Yesterday when I was squeezed in the lift of SEGi, and knowing the lift of SEGi takes forever to reach 10th floor I bump into one of my girlfriend she was standing in front of me, she lean back and knock my shoulder whisper into my ear *conversation*

xx: Sab! Do you know your chemistry lecturer have scandal with a girl namely xx?

S: Really? OMG!

xx: yes!because xx stays in the same apartment as mine. And it's so weird that I was in my PJ and when I open the door of my room I saw him in the hall with her.So malu.

S: Oh, and than? (kepo sab) do they hang in the room or just the hall?

xx:sometimes in the room.

S: O.O


*ding* 8th floor

xx: okay la bye...



Yesterday, I feel so ooooohhhhlalala happy, thanks for the opportunity from Chemistry class...Experiment Day.

1)Length 2)Weight 3) Temperature 4)Volume 5) Time

Not talking about the first 4 the 5th one was fun! 5b) Walk from one corridor to another BLIND fold! Whahahahaha, the only guy aka Jo*eph in my group kena very good! Me and Chemmy din't mean to guide him badly but him walking so fast when coming to the end *bang* *ouch* his head knock on the wall. ;) Belly almost burst laughing at him! Don't try to bully me!Because I have Him stronger then you!

Secret remain secret.

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