Monday, February 16, 2009

♥ is in the air!

I've been telling no need expensive meal or present,yet this lovely guy still give me the best that why he is still my Valentine and will last forever*muah! We celebrated the day before Vday went for lunch, movie and dinner. It was awesome,and I was asking him so whats the whole point for Vday? Actually everyday is Vday for me ;) cause Sab is in love 24/7 with this guy Leonard Tan! It was as usual the different part was having a lil expensive + romantic dinner at Italianese, The Curve.  On the day itself we were with my family having great time ;)It was meaningful!







pictures quality really bad and not much picture taken for my camera went off!

Anyhow that's not important I had a great day with my love one. I LOVE YOU! ;)xoxo

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