Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hang On...

Class  started as usual, weekend I still fully utilize my time with love one and still having the excitement of CNY in me.

Saturday, the couple were invited to Youth Pastors place for dinner, thanks to Carmen and Caleb for the gathering it was full of laughter and piggin'.

Sunday, I was asked to share testimony in Church in front of 800++?? people if not mistaken.I can feel furballs in my throat...But thank God I'VE made it to glorify His name.L and me headed OU, for books but I did not manage to get any but for one of my friend...Peter and Jane because of hers poor English I promise to get her to improve hers English skill.And yeappiduda....I get to try the famous waffle ;) Yummy!!!


.....night went to Amber's place, nice meeting up with my old friends. (picture will update soon)

Monday, after class escape to WL house for lunch, and having snack while reading....check this out it's a almond with the shell.


Feeling healthy...Exercise needed!!!

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