Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Historical Town

Yeap..I know I should have post it before my BD, but I'm busy with assignment and project. Let the picture do the talking.


our first stop for the day, porridge! yummy!dsc062611

after every meal we need fruits to digest better...


who say we only eat, but we hit the swimming 3 in the the afternoon HOTSUN! but it was super funny, as usual me and yue are like dolphin ;)dsc06277

Dot's pro


Jongker Walk


2nd stop! food!!--there are more food stops in the mid of Jongker.



me and yue the Mango lover!img_3695

SCB hits Malacca round 2 !dsc06293

we catch this on the way for dinner isn't this awesome!dsc06297

dinner time, what more not to miss the Satay Celup..the couple Chemmy and Yung.dsc06298

couple no.2 Sab and Leonarddsc063021

we girls just wanna have FUN!dsc06300

I know you love me ;)dsc06306

after DINNER and this is hmm called what? Dinsup?img_3723

wooooo after dinner this is our supper "o chien"..its yummy cause not much of "O" inside I love EGGS! because my boyfriends surname is TAN? ahha well apparently the people that I usually hang out with are all TAN's !img_3731

Good morning ladies..img_3733

last meal in Malacca, head back to KL first, it was raining on the way back. Although it was short, but it's fun to have have you guys with me after Mid Term! Next trip? I've got another place in mind;)

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