Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My 21st Birthday Party (Part 1)

On this very special day, I've received so many text, and messages in FB it was all wonderful blessings and greetings! Thanks people. The few days before I was busy decorating. It was tire, but worthwhile. Let's not talk much...picture- story telling time....Once upon a time, on 14 March 1988 this girl...


Sabrina Ch'ng!


this people walk with me for 21 years ;) and they still loves me like how they use to ;) dsc06967

this guy came into my life and yes, I'm bless to have him....LOVES*


what more to say with this 2 lovely sister of mine ;) I love you SCB's!


Church buddy( will have more in part 2)


my big brother and sister (cousin sis)


my smart cousin sis , thanks for performing that night!dsc06933

that night the ice-kacang hmmm yummy and this is only and ONLY special! The waiter did it HUGE one for me ;)

dsc07001this cake is from my uncle back in UK! Thank you so much! and ya adding on the dress I'm wearing is not TAILOR made is all the way from UK, Next.

img_7582Thanks for all the present, and there are more that I have no time to put all in one. But still sincerely thanks for coming and it's much appreciated to have you people's blessing on that memorable sweet 21st! ;)xoxo


yue said...

warrr...so many pressies!! :D glad you had a wonderful 21st bday. *muah!*

jesslyn said...

HAHAHA. so niceeee!!! waaaa. someone received LV!!! correct correct? i think i saw the box there. HAHA. woot woot* :D

sabrina chng said...

Yea all the blessing from people that I love and loves me ;) Thank you so much you've made my BD a special one! *Muah!

J: Haha, yes yes is LV ;)