Monday, April 6, 2009

I went through!

Yes yes it was a hectic week for me;) Yet God has put so many nice people around me that cares and loves me so much specially thanks to Leonard, Yue, Loo Ann ;) Thanks thanks thanks!!!! I'm bless to have you guys. Before all, I shall show what happen through out the week. it was tiring but worthwhile, although it's still bothering me but it's okay I'm showered with LOVE now;)

Presenting Ms.Loo Ann super hyper women! ;)



went Genting with mom after Thursday class..went to catch up it..I had a great time with mom talking about life and problems I have.This trip was full of laughter and thank God I manage to relax my nerve after all those problem.


live band...JAZZZZZZ!!!


they are from Italy, so most of the songs are like opera style...apparently I enjoy.Adding on with those dance move it's all worth watching.


there are WHITE lion,tiger cub and also furry dog(the one that looks like mop)I enjoy most looking at the WHITE animals!


Thanks for being with me throughout those yuckiiie time.


I'm now recharge to face any circumstances!

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