Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nothing but the Blood.

Good Friday,all Christian will be in church. Every good Friday rain pours,which makes the whole environment fill with emotional. A thankful heart I have last night. Besides that, this few days there is prayer meeting where we are praying for Miracle and breakthrough, and yes Jesus has answered my prayer.I'm glad all things I've went though was another journey in life, where I've learn how to overcome with faith. I was surprise how God has work in my life, after all the hard part I've been going through now it's the time to say Hola life! I got an last minute interview , I only have less then 5 hours to prepare. I was nervous but when I reached my sweaty palms were dry;) I was praying for wisdom. and Amen!God has answered my prayer again.I'm looking forward to a new stage in life! I know God will bless me!Cause He loves me! sab0046

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