Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miss Nerd

Flipping my calender back and forth, planning for the next few months.One thing I will miss out will be my once a year holiday I hope I would get a nice time head to BKK.Before hand,starting from this week me aka Miss Nerd will be hiding myself with loads of book. Apparently I'm looking forward to finals and horraayy internship during Summer'09 may God bless me with wisdom in the workplace;) another challenging part will be this Sunday(meaning tomorrow) will be my first ever time to teach in children church pressure? Nah, I can't wait to polish my skills be ready for my psychology intern in Kindergarten!As for my mass-comm intern in nt7 I will need to brush up my speedy reading skill for I've already know my job scope needs a lot of reading and writing,so people keep me in prayer yea.Gonna miss a few event:(This few weeks were relaxing for me,cause I've done all my assignment, next week presentation then it's done for the semester.Nevertheless, few happening stuff coming up this few days! dsc07295

Miss Nerd wishing all study hard,play harder!


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