Friday, May 8, 2009

Tadika Sri Emas,St.Nicholas

Yes,finals ended last week no break this time,but internship. After 4 days I'm starting to adapt to my "Ms.Sabrina"'s life, I missed one day because I was sick due to the hot weather besides that I guess because all the teachers are sick that's why. I can't wait till internship comes to an end,cause it's not easy being a teacher sometimes they are too noisy,and naughty but it's okay;)I miss college now, I really miss those time where I have no stress and need not to wake up so early!I need to work from 8am-2pm it's tiring I feel restless all the time. But still it's okay. On the 2nd day one of my student,Sarah Pua's birthday this adorable,smart and talkative girl celebrated hers 3 year old birthday in school she looks so happy.
This week a lot of things going on,Loo Ann flying off, Yue getting to work and not seeing Dot around. Besides that I get to catch up sometime with L after the whole load of finals and assignments. At least,I get to relax. Will update more when I have more happening stuff happen;)

Bless Holiday!


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