Monday, May 18, 2009

For you a thousand times...

Weekend was awesome the Big Bad Wolf bookshop is here,I went for the sales it was crazy! All books at the range of Rm5-20 but all the books that I wanted cost RM 8!!!It's so cheap! I and L spend 3 hours we both headed to different corners for our own books.Both of us shop for about RM 80++ on 9-11 it's so CHEAP!



this is my favor,currently reading this and will go on with others that I'm sure will be good!Really appreciate this organizer for giving us this chance for purchasing affordable books. Night headed to SP for Kenneth's birthday celebration.

Sunday was awesome,one of my plan got cancel so I and L went to MV hunt for his shoe after walking almost every shop at last I've got him the best and nice one with affordable price too! Besides that I got my Cheong Sam for his sister's wedding night "family theme" thingy. It wasn't in my list cause I think it's too expensive but praise the Lord I've got a cheap and good quality! ;) Besides that we had a great time talking and walking.

It's all God's grace that I'm able to enjoy all the cheap and nice things.

Ms.Sabrina's dairies:Day 10

Phew what a weekend after 60 credits hour I have another half to go,I think I miss all this time in SNMC being apart with them is nice;) Looking forward another 60 interesting moment with them.

Today I got a hand-made card from one of my students and cake for all Teacher's cake;)



in this Montessori they call us Aunty instead of teacher I'm not sure why :)But isn't it lovely?


too busy to take the whole cake so this is half eaten by other teachers.

Thank you to all!


Elaine said...

wa!!!got sales also din tell me..imissed out the chance to buy books... ;-( my shelf empty now..wuwuwu~~

sabrina chng said...

I know that day itself Leonard was browsing the net and he saw then we head down to PJ;) maybe next time I'll let you know k.;)