Tuesday, May 19, 2009

piss off..

I'm just a teacher not a maid,I don't understand why are those children so pampered by their parents.I shall say I'm a psychologist,just to observe the children hence I take initiative to help.And thats what I got back!I make a mistake for my first time I did not know it will have such a bad feedback.I felt sad after knowing that I did that mistake and being unlucky among all parents this is the most FUSSY one!

Case Study (1)


This child I've been observing him for 2 weeks his weird behavior(hyperactive) gets really excited whenever his parents is here. By the age of 3 children should be able to speak,well toilet train and wear their own shoes. I was surprise this child can't do any of this,yet his parents says that because they came back from OZ so WE might not catch what he speak.But the truth is he is speaking in Tamil(one of the Indian cleaning lady said so). Happen that I have to sent him out to his dad he is so super excited of his dad's arrival and he refuse to wear his shoe when I was helping him so I randomly wear it cause usually his dad will carry him. So his son is tip-toe-ing to the gate and his dad said:" eh,why you din wear his shoe nicely?Wear for him now." Me:"oh..sorry."*putting on his shoe for him.* His dad call and complain to the principal saying I didn't wear nicely and its dangerous bla bla bla and my supervisor apologies for me.

Solution: (my POV)

Child are pampered by the parents for such behavior,not well train at home.

I know I should have put it better that's my fault,but dealing with this boy I have problem mostly messing the room throwing materials,jumping around that influences others. His parents came today asking why is his pants always wet,well this boy doesn't know how to control ,besides that when he is playing he will not tell us.Coming back to the same point aren't this suppose to be train at home?

week before,I was friendly asking "Sir what kind of language do you speak to him at home?"He:" English,we just came back from OZ..." .I just want to know cause I'm new there I'm not aware of his background and I don't understand what he speaks,and my supervisor said no the boy spend much time with his grandparents that usually speaks Tamil.

He claim that his son is like this it's okay cause last time he is the same,but now he is a doctor.Ewww I never want a doctor like that!

I've learn a lesson..


Ms.Sabrina's dairies:day 11


Jit said...

God made the world to be in equilibrium. Succeed in career and over proud of it just show vividly where this person lack of focus. In this case, he should practice writing prescriptions like this:

- Take [once] before pee pee

- Take [twice] before going outdoor

- Finish up all

- Take whenever you needed

TkOTr = Take Off Trouser
PtOSh = Put On Shoe
Mn = Manners
EnSp = English Speaking

Should include this in doctorate syllabus :)

sabrina chng said...

Terima Kasih "banyak banyak" for your comment and also those funny terms.I don't care for now I will just finish and leave;)