Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tea with June.

June is my new friend,aka Nicole's mom. For your information Nicole is my all time favor student!!Hers mom says that I'm the only teacher she would talk to but sadly I'm leaving June asked for my number so that we could meet up even I'm not working in St.Nicholas;) Today I went out with June and Nicole,June is a very kind and soft mom she told me so many things about Nicole and I'm glad I get to know her more.

During class,I was telling her I'm going to Bukit Tinggi Jusco after class and I ask if she wants to go with me and she said she want. When her mom came I told her, happen that she is going too so we met up in Jusco. Nicole was so excited to see me there she was holding my hand and talking to me and smiling all the way! Glad to see hers smile and the talkative her because she doesn't speak at all in class but only to me.Shy Nicole.

Went for tea with June, chit chat and Nicole seems tire but she resist to sleep when I'm going off she look so sad and she don't want to go home.So cute!!!I told her I will see her tomorrow and she nod hers head and left.


Nicole busy playing with my beg....

*special thanks to Azahra for the teacher's day chocolate gift.

Ms.Sabrina's dairy: day 17


Jesslyn said...

Nicole is SOOO adorable!!!! :D You must be so happy having her as your student! :D When will be your last day??

sabrina chng said...

*most of all*

sabrina chng said...

yes she is adorable and most of SMART! yes I'm glad ;) Tomorrow will be my last day :(