Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Days in 7!

I've been so busy recently life in ntv7 so far so good;) I've been to a few events pictures are in FB but because I'm too tire after work that's why I don't bother updating my blog.

People in 7 is nice, there are just a bunch of funny and happy people!

A few picture to update my life.

Raya Screening...


she came up to me,chit chat and then only I know she's Hunny Madu from Fly and Quickie





my friend in ntv7 she's another intern from TARC

Welcome Home my love Roadshow...


First event in JB then Malacca...

One Hotel....


lunch with boss;) happy 7 day!

I hope I could have more time to update more,but if you have FB then check out from there.I'm enjoying my life!

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