Thursday, June 25, 2009


Walk with faith that is what Jesus told Moses, yes I'm now applying it into my life which I truely believe it is real that sometimes I have to do things with faith not to complain but to walk and observe. I've been working for almost 2 week, everything is going well now I'm not sure the following week will be good or bad but I walk with faith. People here are nice and friendly,people come and go but I'm bless that the path I'm walking now it's really all the blessing that God has prepared for me.

Saturday I went out for dinner with Alicia, after so long thank God we manage to speak out our life and I really see that each of us has gorwn up more like Christ!I love the way she is.

Special dedication to Alicia....

Alicia thank you for being with me,thanks for comforting me in many ways. Thank you for excepting me as who am I. I will look forward to have more nice time with you. Always remember how God has choosen you, never give yourself a single chance to say No I don't have the burden for this and for that. You can do it babe! hugssss....

Sunday, time out with family.On this special day--- Father's day, I have 2 person in life which I'm proud to say Jesus and my daddy. I LOVE YOU! Went Jogoya for lunch with my family and extended abit L and Grace, adding on with my cousin brother who tag along;)


This picture make all of us laugh...


All the people I love!

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