Monday, June 29, 2009


Ooohh....weekend was crazy, the "fever" officially started on Friday night!yLoon and Joyce's wedding, I really can't imagine if I were the bride.I was busy helping throughout the wedding, it was a nice wedding full of laughter and love is in the air!
After 2 and a half day, Sab officially faint,I thought I would not make it this time, I have problem breathing and I can't feel my body that I need L to massage my whole body, it was as if I'm going to die. I was crying in pain in the car, which I can't control the numb that is coming all the way up to my head,L slap and pinch my face I barely feel it,I can't walk and I need L to carry me too.It was bad really bad, and I cried so loud...Until I know I'm really OVER tire. I will never let this happen again,a lesson to learn I never allow myself to be over tire!
Looking back Saturday and Sunday it was awesome and I'm really glad that every went smooth and I really pray that WL and Joyce will forever dwell in the love that God has showered on them!

Pictures will be update when I compile from others.


I love you,thank you for holding me;)xoxo


Jitzu said...

Leo, my man, good job~
and Thong, take care. I'm sure u scare the hell out of him. XD

sabrina chng said...

thanks for the hot tea;)