Friday, July 17, 2009

Made in UK

What more can I say when I have all :) I'm really bless to have nice people around me, althought there are people who put me down easily but,I'm happy to say that it's another learning process.

Welcome home Beth! She's back after 2 year I have no time to catch up with her yet, I hope that during the weekends I will have more because I have so many events going on during the weekends. Performing with the a4j band, and Sunday will be roadshow for Romantic Delicacies.

I need to say abundent thanks to my uncle, for bringing so many nice top, pants and dress for me I love them all! And thanks to Beth for the nice handbag.

God always put different people in my life bless me in different ways. I love you all!!

Recently there is nothing much about life, mostly work and PC.Everything seems fresh to me, but it is an eye opener for me to learn and experience 2 in 1= PERFECTO!

I'm really satisfied with my life now, but it's all coming to another ending and I'm going back to college on September I'm not sure if I will use to it, the route that I use to use for this 2 months going to be different.





 18 July 2009- Bloom Musical in Charis Church, Cheras 8pm

19 July  2009- Romantic Delicacies roadshow brought to you by ntv7! Sg.Wang,2pm

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