Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Sab just wanna have fun!

Weekend was a fruitful one, Bloom Musical night was awesome I'm really glad that I manage to serve the youth in Charis Church and there are 13 souls saved! Besides that it was well spend, I manage to catch up with mom, and we did a lot of talking and there is so many sharing inbetween. Sunday, there is a roadshow for Romantic Delicacies, which happen in Sg,Wang.




Aneph,and LynettDSCF4213





Monday book-off, spend time with cousin sis--Beth. Went to college bump into Sern, Joseph, and Jess happy to be back in college. Can't wait to be back, but not looking forward for MT and Finals!That's the good part of working. Catch up abit with Yue.

Ms.Loo Ann...


This is my first visitor when I'm working in 7, I miss her so much after her loooonng London trip alas we manage to meet up.It was short indeed, I can't wait to college re-open then we'll re-unite!!

Next week will be my final week in 7, I have a feeling I will miss this place although it is not a long period to be here but the happy moment blooms in this company. I'm glad to meet nice poeple in this company.

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