Monday, August 31, 2009

Feather Pillow.

Oh yeh, after 3 nights sleeping on the marble floor I'm back to my bed, but thoughts are still there I miss 3 meals with friends, serving as keyboardist, being crazy with pianist and having extreme moment during games, pillow-talk and every single moment I have during Glamorous camp! It was awesome blossom!! I miss all, I miss all new friends that I know during this few days.

This camp make an impact to the committee and the campers, it was very challenging indeed from the games to the sermon/or sharing. I was touched by every service, although it was very tiring but I think it is all worthwhile. I do not know where to start my glamorous day, but I will skip here and there. In this camp, there is 2 class that I've attend, marvelous mosaic and canvas drawing both I adore much. I love all the masterpiece that I've done, and from the art work it speaks all from my feeling and thoughts.


from this you can see 2 things, solve it yourself ;)

28082009244very hardworking sab!

While doing all the art work I wasn't thinking much I grab what I have and do what I can. Same thing applies to the camp, I do not know some of the new comers, but I put time and effort to talk and have time with them I try my best to approach them as much as I can,I'm glad that I've spread gospel to the needy ones! I was bless to be one of the campers, to blend with them isn't an easy work but I pray for wisdom to help and talk to them. Therefore, my hard work which I score myself 5 out of 5 ! I know there is so many youth that needs Jesus, but they are afraid to express them self all they need is guidance and attention from leaders and seniors. I'm glad that I manage to spend time with newcomers, and gain good friendship with them.

3rd day was canvas drawing...


"evening in Greece"-by Sabrina.C


"starry-starry night"-Vicent Van Gogh

masterpiece of the day! It's an inspiration from Vicent Van Gogh, "Vincent"- the song goes like starry starry night, paint your palette blue and grey.... Yes yes thats the song :) the story behind this man very sad and he ended his life with this masterpiece, "starry-starry night". The topic for the day is to change starry night into beautiful day with brighter color and a church. I wasn't into sweety-candy color because I love evening, and from this picture it talks much about my dream place- Greece. This is an evening picture, with the color tone I choose I love it! Ms Janiz judge this picture thinking that I'm so romantic, and yes I'm one ;) Jesus is so amazing, He gave us color and I'm glad I'm the artist of my life to decide what to be colored on this plain white canvas. Life is on our own choice to make it better or worsen is on our finger tips. Van Gogh's art work are all dim and sad because He wasn't happy with his life, and he ended his life with starry night art.Your life is judge by the way you live it!

This camp we get to see talented people because there is different class, Hip-Hop, Marvelous Mosaic-JanizChan,canvas drawing, photography-David, public speaking-Jeff Chin, vocal-Carmen, song composing, first aid-Daniel, drama-Happy, make-up-Adeline,hair-by Miko.I'm not sure if I miss listed any class, on the 3rd night there are performance and slide show of their work, for the drawing class we exhibit our art work.


During this camp there were games, thanks to game master-Leonard good job, and team! The game was called Prison Break, it was break into 3 days to complete this game makes your heart-beat goes crazy. From this game there are much lesson to be learn, very individualistic, but when it comes to the end team have to be form to break out from the prison, everything in the game was exactly like in prison. In the mid of the game there is tiny little things happened, which I think it's kinda hard to explain using words. The main point is I'm the 2nd group to break the prison among 6 group! I've learn much from this game, and in the mid I get to know more friends too.

3 night was blast with extremely good performance, and personality. First night was a4J, song dedication that is wrote by Carmen Wong, a4j band, and dancers it was awesome everyone enjoyed with the all the music and performance presented. Second night, we proudly present Hagen Tan one of the song composer from Singapore crowd was crazy, Hagen wrote uncountable songs for different artist among Asia, Jolin Tsai and many more. From his testimonial sharing I see how God works in different peoples life, and he did shine for Jesus! 3rd night was flooded with people, because Danny One and Jeff Chin from one fm was on stage, they shared their testimony too both have different gifted talent that they give praise to mighty Lord! 3 night ended nicely.

During the day, we have games and sharing thanks to Carmen and Caleb for all the sharing. It reminds me a lot about life, and I was refreshed by all the sermons because I know all the words that they have shared it's from God especially one of the sharing I have in mind the most, about LOVE. Who gave us to love? Jesus gave us love, patient to help the needy ones, and to help this generations youth they need love not only from bf or gf but form Jesus and the most important message I got was we have to love our parents love them even they hurt us a thousand times, we have to forgive that is the real love, and that will only lead us to love others too. Love is so important nobody hate to have love and caring from others, therefore it was a big homework for me to learn. The bible says love your enemy like you love yourself, it's not easy but I took the challenge!










Thanks to Mei Mei, for the pillow-talk, Joyce for the "siao" and encouraging moments, Carmen/Felicia/Xue Wen(My new gang in camp) for all the nice sharing moments, SS2 cellies, committee for making this camp wonderful!, Carmen and Caleb, Wai Loon for the "siao" moments, niu, jynne, leong,nicholas, Ben, Justin, Peter, David,Daniel Yap and Tan & Leonard ;).......many many more! THANK YOU SO MUCH! mostly is JESUS! thanks for blessing this camp!




Carmen said...


Glad to know that you enjoyed the camp sooooo much!!
Thanks for serving and loving the young people. You are doing great as a leader. Many girls like you and keep mention about you too.
haha...leng lui!
Looking forward to 2010 Glamarous!


sabrina chng said...

It's God's grace, He mold me into a better person to serve the needy ones, esp the youths! Thank you for all the sharing :) well done!
I'm looking forward to 2010 SUPER Glamorous!