Friday, August 21, 2009

listen to me...

I went to both my cousin sister graduation recital, Xin Ying was few months back and yesterday was Elaine's both my cousin are from music school. I'm the only one who did not continue with my grade, I guess this plays important role of being patient. I do not spend much time practicing when I have my piano lesson, that is why I'm stuck at grade 5. During piano lesson, I do not like theory lesson whenever my teacher is here I have the only words to say is "can we not have theory class today?" and the answer will be "NO!" Therefore I can't continue my piano class, and I guess my piano is collecting dust now, but I'm not that bad I still spend sometime practicing piano for jamming.

Anyhow, I'm glad at least once in my life time I manage to learn piano;) I thought I wouldn't make it on time to Elaine's graduation because I wanted to attend practice for youth camp p&w then I decided to give up making plans to the graduation but I feel bad for not being there to support my cousin sister. And after a call from Ying saying it is going to be at 5 to 6 ahhh...that is how God works, both important task can be done!Woohoo!

Dear Elaine,

Well done, good job on your recital!The time and effort you put in shows that you've work hard for it, now it;s the right time to get rest and take a break! Remember do not look back but move forward without any hesitation yeh.Love ya ;)


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