Monday, September 7, 2009

Heat up your mind....

Saturday went out with girlfriend-Mei Mei it wasn't any pop-up plan indeed it was a plan for simple lunch it turns up to be awesome catch up with life. In the same day, it was an important day for Leonard too he and his futsal team having a friendly match between English and Chinese church, the crowd was crazy people cheering for their own team. I was there not to only support church it was my first time seeing him in match and I did not know any rules for the game but thanks to Justin for telling me, and I enjoy looking at my love one in match I always heard about it but not really seeing him in action! and thank God for this chance seeing him enjoying his own match which I'm really glad he and team got the 2nd place!Good job my man!


yes Dorothy Tan was there, yeap in a Sports event! and she is in too! Not judging her skill but good enough to be semangat to be there ;)


Shan Shan and Leonard




my man in action!


Jessie, one of the best mentor and role model that I yearn to learn from her life!

After being sweaty the catch up officially started with this girl here, we went for lunch and a lil surprise for her 19th birthday which is today!7 Sept 2009.




Dear Chloe,

It's been a nice day and I love you so incredibly much ;) Have a nice birthday celebration with your friends! Happy Birthday!


after enjoying moment with girlfriend this time is boyfriend! Sushi yes, it's sushi I looooovvvvveeee Sushi! Spend some quality time together and not forgetting being zombiefied by all the sushi around us....





the day ended tiring but I enjoyed, nothing can compared when it comes to having people whom you love surrounded. I appreciate much for having such a good time! I'm looking forward this coming Saturday....Have a nice week, fellows!

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