Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I got an A!

Jingle all the way with me, 2 days til Christmas!

YES!! I got an A for my shopping class, and Christmas is like another Chinese New Year for me :) Went for shopping spree 2 with mom and daddy. It was a short and speedy one yet I get a lot too. I guess being the youngest is not that bad after all, besides doing some house chores! :P

Catching up with parents isn't that bad after all, since young I was bless so as now! I'm really bless to have what I want,and this year all I want for Christmas is a simple and nice one. Can't wait till all the catch up starts cause I'm going to meet up all my long-time-no-see friends  and cousins too! May you guys have an awesome shopping time, also a reminder spend sometime with your friends and family. I'm enjoying each and every moment now, I hope you are have a great day too! Out for another catchup with cousins Ch'ng! *heart* following will be something exciting too! Stay tune!

Hope the previous post did give you a clearly status of what is Christmas about, keep yourself updated with

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