Friday, December 25, 2009


Jingle all the way with me, 1 days til Christmas!

Christmas eve, I guess many people has been planning where to meet up and what to do. For me I choose to have a silent night, await for Jesus Christ's arrival I'm sure it's going to be another memorable eve for me which I'm enjoying it to the max. Last night before I head to bed, I got a extremely happy news about my Christmas pressie which I'm only going to receive it next week, but still I'm all excited and thankful for having such a good pressie as a blessing this year. I would blog bout it when the arrival of IT comes.

The day before yesterday, I went to Ikea  bought a new wardrobe to replace the previous one which is old...but I have full of feelings bout it, thank you mr.Drawer for baring all my junk for more then 5 years--a loyal drawer. So, ya I have to unload all the junk inside that drawer and say Hello to ms. Drawer! I took 30min to unload it, but to reload it took me half a day(or more then that). I took some time thinking and planning how to stuff all my stuff I didn't realize how many things can be stuff into that drawer. haha. I started from boxes in the 3rd drawer,I got so many box inside that are more small boxes in it but some box has been occupied by letters, cards, notes and more letters. I came across some letter that is written by people that I've been missing them for quit sometime first is my kakka(maid) and then one of my friend. While reading it took be back and going through one by one is like walking down the memory lane which I almost teared when I was reading it.

Cards with full of blessing and greeting words, it isn't that bad to go back all those days during Christmas eve. I feel so thankful with all the letters, they have encouraging and hilarious one too. Some of the letter are even about keeping the friendship stronger when time comes, but I haven't seen it stronger but weaken. It's okay Sab! :) Anyhooo, I'm doing absolutely great now and I have no sense of regret at all. Besides all the emo letters and cards, I saw romantic and lovely ones and it tune my mood back(happy).  I saw cards from people that I haven't met for quit sometime, I seriously missing them. I know God will bless them after my prayer!

Going to the art and craft section, oh so many colors, papers, string, sequin, lace, brush, paint and all you name it I have it. Nothing much memory bout it, but I was recalling back since when I love art and craft but ain't any answer. There are even some materials I own now has been with me long time ago, one of the most antique in my art and craft collection is my COLOR PENCIL, I seriously need a new one! The one that has most color! hehe. But I'm still lovin' it!  I will continue my passion in a&c because God has gave me tremendous idea and creativity in it. Having this talent and passion, I've use it to bless so many people around me.

Lastly, the miscellaneous drawer. Everything! That took me quit sometime to rearrange, I guess when time goes by the more things I have, lesson that I need to learn is to think before I buy. But something hits my mind saying: ey, some is blessing from others kay. Sab: TRUE TRUE! ahaha.

Let me show off my Christmas tree at home, MORE blessings ;) but I have place to store it this time cause it's all small in size.

See all that pressie awaiting for me to open! hohoho!

I won't miss your pressie, remember to come back and I promise to give u a awesome surprise pressie. Stay tune.

Happy Christmas Eve world!

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