Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I heart Christmas.

Jingle all the way with me, 4 days til Christmas!

I guess everyone has been oozing that brain juice looking for the perfect gift for Christmas. It's a tough moment, but at the same time we are enjoy giving blessing to others! It's wonderful to receiving and giving pressie to others, but looking for the right one is certainly another chaotic moment. I guess the best gift I have last year 2008 was a Dior perfume, from my parent. Then grown up being 21 I got a Burberry perfume and then another perfume from Faceshop by someone special. I think since I was young I'm already a perfume-maniac, and definitely a girl and now a lady who loves awesome scent. I personally think that everyone should owe a perfect perfume, I felt sorry to those who have alcohol allergy :(   Choosing the right one is even an important point. During my fall semester I've wrote an article about scent and perfume, a topic I chosen to write and enjoy writing. I would like to share it with you.

Scent of Life

I smell this before! This is what bumps into your mind when certain things you have scents before or the scent that reminds you to certain place you’ve been before or people that you came across in the past. Most people have significant scent on their body, or places that have its own significant smell. In fact, in this century, fragrance continues to play a beneficial and purposeful role in adding to the quality of life, it is also a tradition that is as old as mankind. Talking about perfume I remember the smell of my girlfriend, the perfume she uses all the time which put a “trademark” on her. Perfume can be an unforgettable trademark because it has the ability to spark cherished memories in life.

Nowadays, high chances people purchase perfume because they want to feel good, and to reduce body odour. These lead perfume to be a million dollar market. Having a spray on you will make you feel joyful, confidence, and extraordinary. Psychologists agree that it is a positive psychological impact too!  With the sweet floral, citrus, fruity scent in it that indulge female in a romantic manner, perfume are able to set our moods for different occasions, wealth of emotion that can lift spirits, enrich romance, improved ones good mood and it leads to an overall feeling of happiness too. The most important in choosing a personal fragrance is to meet individual needs. This fragrance personality describes why some people enjoy perfumes that are fruity while others prefer florals, musks or oriental aromas. What type of music person you are, leads to what fragrance you adore.

This is the dictionary for all girls out there, while choosing the right fragrance for yourself.

  • Feminine Perfume Personality

Individuals who enjoy classical music, who vacation in rural settings and who favour the colour pink, are often found to love the feminine aroma of floral scents.

  • Fruity Perfume Personality

People who love rock music and the colour yellow and who will pamper themselves with activities such as a day at the spa are often found to like a fruity type of fragrance. R & B music fans that like the colour green and whose ideal get away would be something like a lakeside resort lean towards fragrances that derive from the natural oils in the stem of plants and leaves.

  • Oriental Perfume Personality

People that listen to jazz as their music of choice and vacation in exotic locations and pick purple as their favourite colour often opt for scents that are oriental. The fragrances these individuals pick are composed of ingredients containing heavy flowers, musk and vanilla. Oriental scents also referred to, sexy, passionate, and powerful.

  • Woody Perfume Peronality

A day at the beach, sushi, and a love of the color blue is often found in those who enjoy the clean, refreshing aroma of an ocean scent. On the flip side, are the people who are stylish jetsetters at heart, who love intense spicy foods and long passionate nights. These people will be found reaching for a fragrance that has a deep woody aroma.

  • Delicate Perfume Personality

Your personality and fragrance choices should connect well to best impact the effect you have on others. For example, people who are sporty will often choose fragrances that are fresh light and clean. These perfumes allow the individual a delicate scent without being too heavy or overbearing.

  • Sensual Perfume Personality

People who are very outgoing and optimistic typically enjoy fragrances that are fruity. While sensual personalities will lead to sensual scents that make a confident statement about who they are. As can be expected, one naturally goes with the other, therefore, these individuals opt for musky perfumes that have a long-lasting effect, especially on members of the opposite sex.

Evaluate by Beauty and the Bath Website

After choosing the right perfume according to your personality, there is always a question in your mind whether to buy the Eau de Parfume or Eau de toilette.

The voices that you hear while choosing between Eau de Parfume and Eau deTtoilette

Eau de ParfumeEau de toilette
Contains about 7-15% perfume concentratesAround 1-6% perfume concentrates
Long-lasting fragranceA light scent that doesn't linger as long as the more intense versions
Generally doesn't cost as much as extract perfumeOriginally intended to be a refreshing body splash to help people wake up in the morning

While silently working with all the perfect perfume fragrance, it tunes your mood to any occasion you are going and it adds on invisible colour in your everyday life. No fragrance is like never having experienced the lush green pasture, or stirring emotion of an orchestral master piece! No doubt for every girl to have your own fragrance in your life.

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