Monday, December 21, 2009

Pass that pressie...

Jingle all the way with me, 5 days til Christmas!

Wonderful Christmas celebration at The Wong family's, Lake Field. I personally heart the houses there, I aim to own a house like that for myself! It started nicely, ended up with laughter! Foodiee: was so-so but I like the MUTTON with Mint sauce and Dory fish. Really glad that we have happenings Aunties in church they make things REAL! The wonderful part Aunt Sam is very good in decorating her house. Guess what we have fireplace there too, of course it's fake otherwise we'll be soaking in sweat eww...thank you to Justin for having the ice breaking, following with exchange present time. I was laughing like mad when I was exchanging, you know why? cause smarty Sab, heart one of the pressie so as Joyce so both us keep exchanging with each another. Oh my god, and people notice and we start giving to our partners aka Leonard and Wailoon! haha smart? YES! I got the pressie at last. I will save it till Christmas day to reveal the awesome pressie that I've been exchanging with J. The box itself catches me =)

Hop on for picture story...

Sab, Alicia and Grace

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

and a Blessed New Year....


yey! Merry Christmas!! *poppers!

love this fireplace so Christmas! I shall suggest to mommy to have one at home ;)

the boys I care! *hearts*

people I love!

this is the pressie that catches me *melts

Aunt Janice, super-fun-mom! She came up and make me open my pressie.

I was surrounded by all the Christmas song, and Christmas carol in malls. I can't wait to have an awesome Christmas :) I'm happy I've a few pressie under my Christmas tree waiting for me to open!  It's my turn to buy some goods, happy shopping people!

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