Friday, January 29, 2010

The girl next door.

Bang a loud door slammed and that evening went pin drop silence....I guess that girl has been going through a hard day. I walk to the window peep through that silky satin curtain I saw nothing but sunset combining with beautiful nature, flowers bending down as if they were greeting me good day!, birds tweeting and huge endless sky I believe behind that sky there is a secret that nobody knows. I wonder again is that girl crying silently with fear, tear caught in my eye. I know deep down she has been going through something hard, that she can't take it anymore. I was about to dash to her door step and say darling everything is going to be alright. Sunset, night fall upon...

Everything happen with a reason, does it really meant what it meant? That girl might be standing at the edge of the world thinking what more can she do in this world? Nothing was treated fair, peer pressure, and family problems massive ones or either a tiny-bitsy ones it actually all matter to her. She is 21. Isn't she suppose to be going through a happy-go-lucky life and not think about anything? But I came across knowing she is one mature and independent lady. She matter everything in her life, she want things to be in the right track. To be seen by the world. Working out her way to give the best to herself and family..yet nothing happen but to cry behind the door. There might not be a single person in this world understand how does she feel. Nothing can change the fact she is going through until she get up and tell herself You can do it! Walk with faith and strength. There are many night I heard someone sobbing it seem so near to me that I hope I could have give her a huge hug.  The never ending story is like another nightmare for her, perhaps, when the sun rise up she will be better.

I empathize her, hoping that one day she will find someone that she is able to share also someone to turn to when she is in sorrow. One day she will be a successful person, as I mentioned, all thing happen with a reason. I'm sure this is just another obstacle and the next wave might be bigger. No need to be fear because she has gone through the small ones, what more for a bigger one? Don't you think that she is half way through the path of success, I do! Faith is to believe thing that you can't see and touch! Be optimistic to life perspective, walk with your chest up!

The next day, I saw the girl next door got her belongings packed ready to leave. I'm not sure where is she leaving to but one thing I'm sure she has found a better place :)

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