Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Romance under chandelier.

23 January 2010 the new couple: Kong How & Esther's wedding. Esther is a sister in Christ, I can't call back since when I knew her probably during mission trip in Jerantut and some piano lesson in church apparently, after all these we get closer and I love the way she is. She is also a close sister to Leonard they talk much about life and feelings before and after L knew me. Esther is someone that is lovely, kind, approachable and easy-going, she motivates me by her life, in fact she is one of my bestie too I share most of my problem with her. We spend time usually during dinner :) When time goes by we get to know each another better, not talking bout the age gap we both have something in common we love one of the song by Norah Jone-Don't know why (genre pop/jazz). I guess we both were meant to stand by each another side, especially when both us have problems. When she told me KH proposed I was so happy for her,of course throughout the process there were up and down but she has shown me the maturity in her that encourages me to be strong and have faith in Christ like her in all situation.

The preparation of her wedding makes me feel so hyper excited about it, I got a news that she wanted me to be her bridesmaid but sadly I can't make it for reasons(P&C). Looking at the brighter side, I manage to contribute to make her wedding perfect by decorating the church for her matrimony and a co-actress( a short sketch of her proposal). It's my pleasure to be apart and to see my lovely sister to have the perfect wedding.

Not forgetting a wholeheartedly handmade card for Her.

Making: I have inspiration one night when I was listening to some song on my bed, I wonder what should I give Esther to buy or to make something. All I have in mind is a perfect wedding for Esther and I came out with the theme color: PINK & BROWN. Then the wedding gown must be floral to make it romantic, KH's suite to be Gold to match the bride's gown. Beforehand, I want it to be a 3D thingy and it is!The paste-up one by one diamond is to show Esther has to be glamor on her BIG day! I thought I would need 3 days to complete but it didn't, I end up doing it in the mid night for a couple of hour. Viola*

Hen party....

Bronte sister suite @Duta Vista,KL

not forgetting Esther's mom making the "tang Yuan" a sign of wishing her daughter to have a lovely marriage.

the moment I've been waited!  Tear caught in my eye...

the YES I DO! moment.

presenting the new couple!

24 January 2010@ Bankers Club, KL

A special invitation to special guest. I can say this is the best dinner I've been so far. A British looking place  *heart it* Small group of people there were less then 150 guest. Therefore, it is a peaceful and graceful night.

Violet romance!


girls went WILD!

Table 8. Adeline, Sab, Leonard, and Gary

Last but not least, congratulation Kong How & Esther!

Jazzy music my favor genre were fill through the entire night, I and love enjoy much! Also to catch up with the girls. (For more pics proceed to my FB)

The night ended with tremendous love and laughter everyone seems so happy and to mention HIGH with wine. It was a memorable night. Not only the new marriage couple were in love, but I myself got the romance of love on that very day!

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