Monday, January 4, 2010

Into pieces.

I don't trust fairy tales, but I like watching it. I don't like the afterall being wow-so-beautiful happy ever after effect, because it makes me realize how not beautiful being in this world when there is an comparison of happy and to experience unhappy moments. I was walking in the mall feeling bless to be in this world, and have friends, family..... feeling good on that noon till some stup*d "news" hit my day and I almost fall into pieces, but I heard cracks deep down in my heart. OUCH! Only three person understand my feeling at the moment, God, meself and L. :(

I want an ice-cream heart.

After all there are happy moments I found my old town down-to-earth real good friends!

The Shepardoo, Centro

a meet up with girls which is very heart warming!

Vivien both us are well known as the LOUD ones in primary school. We were in fights and being real b*tchy.

the catching up keep us busy no picture of foods. But the food was mouth watering! Mexican foodiee!

Hui Sin my best best friend in this world, we know each another since standard 1 and we are still as close as we were before, she hasn't appear in any post because she is in OZ. We were in ballet calss, performance and hers & mine family gatherings. We have nothing to do with the biological family hehe. We were born to love each another like sisters!

all grown up with BIG dreams!

I HEART them to death! ;) xx


A Better Boyfriend said...

Your website looks really good. Being a blog writer myself, I really appreciate the time you took in writing this article.

sabrina chng said...

Hey, thanks for the comment well appreciated. Blogging is just another way to express our feeling. ;)