Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Wonderful Weekend!

After 21 years, I haven't watch a movie at the first row and you've got it right Avatar is the show that is PACKED for few weeks. I was about to throw out the first 10 min, after that I saw empty seats I went up to the 4th row it doesn't make me feel any better tho therefore I slept half of the time but when coming to the end I was awake by the super loud bombing. You ask me how was the movie? SO-SO.

Sunday was the third day of year 2010, I accepted a job as emcee. It's not my first time hosting events,this time I and my partner  Yi Wei.

The wedding located in Centro, Klang Andreas & Alison's wedding the new couple is not my friend but I was introduced by a friend of mom. Alison is a Chinese and Andreas is from German.

the band on that night, they sing really well! :)

A & A

aunt Jovyn

presenting my co-host Yi Wei


Sab, Alison and Yi Wei

Well done Sab!

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