Friday, February 5, 2010


A worth watching movie Fame touches on the art and performance ground. In this movie it covers, singing, drama, composer and instruments (piano,cello, violin, and bands) of course there are drama-rama here and there, but minus those part it overall speaks bout art and performance.It shows that, how a bunch of people from different background, culture, and races come together to achieve the goal they opt to have. There were parents who support them yet there are parents who do not, besides that there are student that went audition without the acknowledge from their family knowing they would have just give a unpleasant look and comment.This show how passionate they are, by fighting to strike their dreams!

After watching it reminds me of my ambition since I was young is to be a ballerina or a ballet teacher. If you ask me if there is another chance to choose I would say still a Ballerina. Since young I was brought to ballet and piano classes I can only say I love Ballet more then anything! The interest of dancing drives me into passion, I still thank God that I'm serving as a dancer in church. Although it is only the mixture of contempt and ballet I'm satisfied, nevertheless, if I have the chance to get back on that wooden floor, with the hands bar, enormous space and the big frame mirror I will give my best to the max! It would be awesome!  I'm still thankful for once stepping into the ballet room and being a fifth grader it's been a blessing too, am looking positive at it.

Looking back at myself, I did told my mom I want to invade my life in ballet but she strongly disagree with it. But when I learn to obey there is another door waiting for me to open, of course to unleash the inner me now I'm satisfy with what I'm doing. As I mention IF only I have another chance, I would take up ballet course! The passion of art and music has been playing a huge role in my life. I love dancing if there is nothing call music it wouldn't be perfect.  In the other hand,learning piano is what I hate most when I was young, but slowly I'm climbing up I always believe there is a reason behind everything!

Coming to an end, it still talks about how bad you want it. Another lesson to add in the chapter in my life, if you love it never stop!start trying show the world you can do it! Hold on your dreams!

Dance as thought no one is watching you,

Love as though you have never been hurt before,

Sing as though no one can hear you,

Live as though heaven is on earth. - Souza

-Give me time, and I'll make you forget the rest!-

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Markiezen said...

I find it amazing that you always find the time to write about things like this. I like your blog, so I hope that my post will inspire you to post some more good things!