Monday, February 8, 2010

Floral Fabulous!

Oh yeah!Weekend ended nicely full of awesome meet ups. I'm definitely a CNY person love those meeting up time with my friends and of course my dearest relatives! I'm real looking forward till the day comes, before hand I have quizzes then hip-hip-horray to CNY. Nonetheless, I have not start with my cookie baking but once my quiz ends tomorrow I will kick start my baking and I'm going to start pigging around for foods!

Let's get back to my weekend a lunch was conducted among dancers. It was a simple yet nice catching up with them. Let the picture do the talking...

Gardens @ The Curve

Dajie the poser!

Daniel the Mocha!

Jacklyn the loud one!

Erjie the girlie!

Alicia the Korean!

Foodiee time!

English breakfast with Sab?

The day ended with love. ♥

I got a little pressie from Jia Jia, a cute Crispy that have the illustration of a cute dino!

I love interior design! I was once inspired to be a interior designer, but my dream did not achieved, doesn't matter me at all because my mom and dad always trust my taste, ability and choice making. Form wall paint, tiles, setting, furnishing to deco I have the priority to move and choose as I wish! I'm a homey person, I love spending time at home, that is why it is important to furnish it to make it as comfortable as possible of course to let my family to feel home-sweet-home by stepping in.

Every special season I will decorate my house, let the people in the house feel the joyous of each season. This time around CNY I figure out a way to decorate my house with my all time favorite FLOWER, using craft tissue papers to handmade a paper flower ! I heart Flower, laces and ribbons! I store them whenever I'm in the mall. woot!*

I decided to decorate my room too! I've a mid size round lantern ceiling hanging lamp it was there for quit sometime, the pure color faded into a classic color therefore I DIY it abit here and there. Knowing Sab, most of the thing in my room I will modify it into a better and unique one. Only if you happen to come to my room then you'll know it!  Partial of my room's furniture are white, to make it look more out standing I need to take the effort to make it.

I paste the handmade flower on my simple lamp, it look perfect on it!

a little touch up with white pearl.

*Tada! This is my personal Simpla Floral lamp! One touch makes a different!

My room is fill with a little CNY feel, and I'm all geared up to have a blast!

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