Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Headed downtown by subway, it was a no driving and parking day for us. We decided to have a little KL day not much tho, just KLCC. The main reason being to KLCC is to catch Muzika, the science of music something that caught me when i was surfing the net, it's more like jalan sambil belajar thingy.Muzika sounds interesting because the love of music in me boost my curiosity to see whats that.Therefore, I booked the ticket advance to save my time from being stuck in the ques. When I went in the first thing I can see is words words and more words explanation about certain music genre, instruments, sound effects and high techo instruments. We spend bout an hour plus looking around, trying out the instruments and reading some interesting facts about music and sound.

Me and L always have interest in all sort of cool stuff, events and new gadgets! We might be the most adventurous couple. Vday wasn't any glamorous dine-in nor good gift, as what we always say when we love each another everyday is Valentine's day. No need to squeeze in the restaurant with others, getting special gift or event buying costly roses.Not like we are not romantic, we usually spend good meals low cost and gift.Well everyday is a special gift for knowing each another are still safe and sound. Me ain't fancy bout flowers (excluding proposal?! ha), can't keep it forever might as well save up and do something better like visiting Muzika hahahaha. LMAO! Anyhooo...Vday is just another day for us :)

Lunchy-muchie time!



oh this is super interesting vacuum on the white spot on the globe, it will play the music of the particular country genre.

just being happy :)

Me enjoy playing this! COOLness!

A invisible electric guitar very interesting and funny too.

There are much more things in Muzika, but not much picture were taken. It was a great day indeed!

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