Sunday, February 21, 2010

Chinese RWAR year!

Food, wine and more wine!! Drown me down like a mad kid, no I'm not a drunker I don't get drunk weird-weirdo! This year around I'm still excited about CNY, recalling back when I was young I would have woke up bout 7 wake everyone up and get myself groom. The more I grow up the more I don't do-it anymore I guess that is because the more we grown up the more we do not express our self much, therefore CNY is the best time to sleep as much as you can go to bed at wee hours end up being sick ewww... I know that's horrible but thank God at least I enjoyed my 4 days of CNY with my family and some of my friends, more to come! I've got plans from the first to the 7th day, but I fall sick plans have to postpone or cancel :(  I'm sorry to those that I can't make it for the meet up.

Anyhow, I have some picture sharing here.

first day of CNY I'm glad everyone were back, not counting those who are overseas or some were even married, which make me feel that hmmph where is everyone I hope everything could have just stop and let the happy moments keep going.

all the ladies in the house!

2nd day of CNY-

the 3 grown up girls. We play, we tear, we smile!

my primary and secondary friends happy to catch them on the 3rd day of CNY!

night catch up with my cousins headed to Kapar, which is my cousin's cousin's place. I know you would wonder how the effin' far I  know the extended family(Tee family). Let me have a sum of the story, usually during CNY mine and elaine's parents will be overseas to the Europe or China left us behind with 4th aunt(aka Xin Ying's mom) it's a real long sleepover indeed for almost a week, so we would have tag along wherever aunt brings us to. That is how I manage to have know the extended cousins. And we were back after 10 years...all grown up. The Tee family owns huge land ,houses were close to each another by walking distance we manage to reach another aunt's place. The house behind us is the place where we use to play in, now it is sort of abandon and they've built another one just next to this one.

We went to Kapar, then to Kuala Selangor for Fire Flies! It was a good day for us!

4th of CNY, headed to aunt Jaclyn's our last aunt (ber kor). Food and wine all day long!

last but not least wishing you guys a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2010 woohoo! Celebrate with joy!

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