Monday, March 8, 2010


Pros and cons, in dilemma?! Yeh, sort off! Well, after all as what I mentioned in previous post I face it positively! Boohoo to assignments and quizzes got myself drown into all that fussy work! My 2010 diary is fill with to-do-list!!

Hoopla to my awesome birthday I know it's bit early to be hip-hip-hooray somehow I have this feeling it's gonna be another great day hitting 22 old? Nah! Long way to go, much fun to enjoy! Thought of listing my wish-list  I guess I shall list, for the sake of myself( having wish list it's like a trend among friends haha) and my kawans ;) I know there are times my wish won't come "that" true, but still it's another guideline for the things I shall aim to get for myself this year! Go Sab! :)

Shall we?

1) BAMBOO wacom!- Pen & Touch

2) Charles and Keith big black bag

3) Black purse

4) Canon camera- Digital IXUX 100 IS

4) Nike running shoes/ dunks!

5) Necklace from Perlin Silver with the round shape pendant!

6) CASH!


Perfume: got too many of them

Books: you won't know what I like

Clothing: might not be my style

Pumps/heels: not my size and height

Accessories: too many of them


Joyce said...

I'm glad I got the 'right' book for you...hehe ;)
p/s: i personally love the book too! :)

sabrina chng said...

haha, blacklisted books pressie! Cause I got people giving books that I barely understand! But the book you gave me is one of the all books I wanted to get :) Thank you! Muah! xx