Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I hit my double 2 yesterday!! Wonderful moment pass by faster? Well it is, I guess cause I'm back to reality now...it's not a bad thing after all!

Let's start up with Saturday night I and L went for Disney On Ice Adventure, got the ticket one month back I was all excited about it (counting down day and night) and when I was there I feel like I was 10! But the truth is I was there when I was 6 with my family, and I barely remember anything. This time I'm back there with my boy! I'm really bless that I have the chance to be there at least now I've got a clearer image of Disney On Ice, the last time I went to HK I did went to Disneyland, I saw the parade in the rain Mickey nor Donald Duck was out I was kinda upset. Thank God I manage to catch them all in Malaysia! Me love Donald! :) Soo cute! When the clock stikes 8.30pm I was all well seated and ready for the show! When the music blast I sang-a-long! I can sing Disney songs well, I was once a Disney fan! The night was filled with colorful attire, professional lighting, professional ice skaters and wonderful story line! I enjoyed the night with love, and we snap all the way glad to look back at those pictures! Let me recall a bit who was on Ice, Mickey,Minnie,Pluto, Goofy,Donald,Daisy, Alice, Stitch, Incredible family,Snow White, Buzz Lighter, Jungle book bear, Cinderella,Maleficient, and cast!

love & me

On my iPod while waiting !

Welcome parade!

off to their Journey!

Choo-choo!!The Disney Parade!!

There were many picture too many to post up! It was a wonderful night!

My dearest kawans, gave me a early party! Turns 22 happily!

the typical Friday's in house birthday celebration, they make me stand on the chair but too bad I'm in dress :P Then they make me sing a song and gave a speech!

This is my family I'm glad we are still as close as ever! We love and care each another, may God continue to bless my life! They gave me the best!!

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