Saturday, March 27, 2010

my boyfriend said that I'm a BOOKWORM!

School hols just ended, meaning book fairs ended too. There were a few happening during the hols, I went to the nearest Summit for Popular book fair I was kinda disappointed by the choice of book they have compare to last year, hence I still spend one hour checking out books! Nevertheless, Malaysia book fair@ PWTC came after hols I'm glad mom volunteer to spend a day there with me, I was all excited and looking forward. This week has been a tough one two quizzes and assignments due date, am not stress with the assignments nor quizzes cause I've prepared earlier and praise the Lord I score with flying colors!

Once quizzes end, I grab one of my favor book which has been on my desk for ages half read. Jodi Picoult made a good writer full of eccentric,guessing,law, love,curiosity,whimsical (at times) and heart aching to be explain in a book. I enjoyed. I'm glad that during my big day, I've got a pressie--a book! Title "The Last Lecture" I've came across this book for several times, yet I did not purchase it. Till March I've got it! :) Courtesy of Joyce!(Thank you once again) Back to back reading, it is a fiction book I feel surreal, feelings and thoughts were in knots! I love it!

Few months back I was hunting for Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Mah, the cover of this book looks bit creepy tho, it all sold out, this book is not some new and bestseller book in the store yet I scan through when my cousin sis were reading and I fell for it. Although I have a sketch of the story, somehow I feel like reading it and to experience the different ending(if it is one).

In the other hand, when I first finish reading Become a Better you from Joel Osteen, I got deeply in love with all the teachings it was all practical! I guess from that onwards I was a fan of JO! I podcast his sermon, and then start looking for other books he have, and I came across a book called It's Your Time I saw it a couple of times yet it was bit pricey but today is the day, I got it and with the discount of 30%! Praise the Lord, I'm sure there are words that God has prepared for me, I can't wait till I finish my current book then I will be able for this fantastic book!Following on, with Victoria Osteen- Love Your Life (If only Malaysia have it).

My weekend started nicely, and I've already have plans for the weekend! Till then peeps!

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[...] my boyfriend said that I'm a BOOKWORM! « :Sabrina Ch'ng: [...]

Sue Me said...

I love Chinese Cinderella too. It's a damn good book :)

sabrina chng said...

yeap..I'm reading it now :) Hope the ending is something different from what we see in Disney! hehe