Monday, March 22, 2010

Up-up and away!

Yes I have to do this before I start up with my studies! I'm sort of in love with penning down my feelings, somehow having my thoughts and feelings in this blog makes me feel satisfy! Self-fulfillment. Weekend was awesome, the ride all started on a Friday morning and till the end of Sunday night! Previously I've update on my Friday, swaying on with me to Saturday night. Wanting to be at the Malaysia Hot-air Balloon Fiesta 2010 @ Putrajaya, thank God for listening to my prayer and I manage to make it there!

The sky was gloomy and rain started to pour in the evening when I just finish doing my assignments and getting prepare for the night, I was feeling kinda agitated by the weather! Anyhow we still headed down to Putrajaya, the weather turn up to be windy and just nice for a outdoor activity! Hence, me and L reach there on time about 7pm, because I'm worry when the sky turns dark we won't be able to see the balloons. I was all excited when we were walking towards the fiesta, got my lousy camera all ready start snapping anything I can see. Then the night came, we were walking around wanting to meet up WL and J but thanks to Maxis the line was bad that we can't get each another. Therefore, the couples enjoyed separately. When the clock stikes 9pm poofff! fire work lite up the sky, talking about fire works it has been quit sometime I haven't catch fire works. I was just sitting right on the Putrajaya bridge, from there the view was fantastic!

Thank God for the night it was splendid! I really enjoy being outdoor! Here are some random snaps from that night.

Traffic was bad...but can you spot that balloon there?

Thumbs up!

Before the night comes, I snap the best view I have.

The couple :)

This is the side view of the Star Wars man or hero? Well, am not sure but it was the coolest of that night!

I personally love this one!

The darlings!

Marvelous Sunday!

A blessing from Esther, when I unwrapped the present I was all nervous because I have this feeling it would be a good one! Ta-da it's Precious Moment Ballerina photo frame! I was about to scream on top of my lung! I love it so much, she came across my blog and saw one of my post about my dream. Recalling back when I was young I have the collection of precious moment, presents from nanny too! I'm gonna recollect those precious moment collection, and I've seen the process of making a Precious Moment mannequin it is all handmade with perfect sculpture, and color on it!

I'm really thankful to have such good and caring people around me, here goes the special thanks to Joyce, Justin and Lea Yee for the present!  Thank you for hand picking those adorable and useful present for me. I'm always bless!

Precious Moment dwells at the right time, right place!

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