Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She asked me why....

and I told her I love Dolphin because it has the strongest ability in listening and sensing, here is a short information that I've got about Dolphin's sens and communication way which I have done in my previous Biology class assignment:

The dolphin's search for food is aided by a form of echolocation similar to sonar: they locate objects by producing sounds and listening for the echo. A broadband burst pulse of clicking sounds is emitted in a focused beam in front of the dolphin. To hear the returning echo they have two small ear openings behind the eyes but most sound waves are transmitted to the inner ear through the lower jaw. As the object of interest is approached the echo grows louder, and the dolphins adjust by decreasing the intensity of the emitted sounds. (This is in contrast to the technique used by bat echolocation and human sonar where the sensitivity of the sound receptor is attenuated.) As the animal approaches the target the inter click interval also decreases, as each click is usually produced after the round-trip travel time of the previous click is completed. Details of the dolphin's echolocation, such as signal strength, spectral qualities, discrimination abilities, etc., have been well investigated by researchers.

It sounded very scientific method, well am a psychology student this doesn't bother me much after four years. So ya, in another word meaning I would love to have a strong listening ability towards people and of course Jesus! At this point of time, I need to listen very carefully to what He wants me to do. In addition to be sensitive of whats happening around!  The last time I went Gold Coast Australia, I was all fancy about Dolphin and penguin! I manage to touch a dolphin too!

My dearest Spiritual mom aka Janice so loves, knowing my birthday she got me a Dolphin all the way back in OZ. When I got the pressie last night( I haven't get the chance to bump into her since 14 March). I love the Dolphin so much, it's a soft plush!! Thank you Lord, for giving me a spiritual mom in Christ and to love, care each another. Thank you, Ma! :)

Sea World! *squeezzz

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