Monday, April 5, 2010

What a girl wants!

Weekend gone with the wind, and I'm still in the midst of all the awesome fabulous moment!Nothing hunky-punky happened during the weekend, but the accompany was great. People always give me a big-shocked eye look when I say yeh, I only meet my boyfriend once or twice a week(exclude special occasion) which it happens to be on weekend only. I'm totally cool with it, but I happen to see their surprise expression.ha. I look forward for everyday(includes weekday), but during weekend I always have extras to be done. I always state myself as a superwomen on weekday doing my work, sending myself from place to place to complete stuff, and weekend comes I'm that little women who is closely cuddle by loved one :D That is what a girl want.....

Rule #1: accomplish assignments and revision before heading out for fun!

Weekend was well planned, I've been wanting to be in a bookstore hang around there for long long time! I did it on Sat! Yeh, I won't allow myself to indulge in a normal bookstore(MPH,POPULAR, BORDERS and KINOKUNIYA) for long period, but this time came on different I love this new bookstore with good deals! I will visit you bookie-store! ;) Both us, spend RM100 for 7 book! Awesome-kan! So the rule of this few months is NOT to buy any book yet till I finish it! Well I still have book on my bookshelf, but I don't mind, cause I know that I will finish reading all.

ooohhhh....I have to recommend Chinese Cinderella by Adeline Yen Mah, that I have already recommend in my previous post! I've finish reading during the weekend, it is a awesome+fantastic, heart aching, and heart pounding book! You will glue on once you start reading! That is how awesome it is! I was reading and tearing too! I have this cringe feeling that anything bad is going to happen to her or not, but it yourself and you will know what I mean! By the way it is true story!

April marks the last month of being a student :( I have a strong feeling I will weep like mad when I leave college, but it's okay I know I'm going to adapt to the new stage of life soon! May God be my guidance and I'm willing to follow you Lord!

Thank You for the cross, Thank you for the crucifixion!

The sacrifice will never fade from my heart, for I know you have gave a chance to live!

I Thank You Jesus!

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