Friday, April 30, 2010

Been there,done that!

College ended spontaneously, I'm finally done dealing with quizzes, class, test, and things I matter and not matter most! I'm DONE! I was tensed the night before because I really can't take it anymore, by using each and every memory space in my brain to memorize all the terms and whatever I know and don't know that is coming out for finals! Then again, I'm done! I headed out with my four years besties for goods :) Came home with a ribbon on my heart, feeling all relax but at the same time, wondering what am I suppose to do before July comes? I have no idea, but I will keep this matter in prayer, for sure He will lead me!

Now I'm officially unemployed, not only that I'm still considered having my Spring break! Which is good enough for me to have a long breath after all the hectic time I've gone through without a single complaints! Once again I have plant a history in my life, there are always stages to be up level when time comes. This stage of life-- I'm done was my education life (stage 1) one step at a time Sab! ,I'm on my way to perusing my dream job real soon(if I happen to get it soon)! I'm kinda excited with all the awesome things that lies upfront, I would pray even harder this time cause people I'm going to meet will be the real thing, real life and real world! I can do it with Christ!!

Came home, plonked my tiring leg and brain on my bed with nothing hanging in my mind. Tears fall apart, I turn on my lappy start writing a thank you letter/or so-called farewell notes to my besties that I have met in my life! and here is how it goes..

To my honey babes! Yue Mei Tan, Dorothy Tan Eileen & Chemmy Pei Chian thanks for making my four years so awesome possum! It's been great that God brought us together from different background AND knowing YOU is the best thing I ever experience in my life!We have gone through those hard moment or whatever 'siao' stuff we have done, countless comment on our daily work WE HAVE GONE THROUGH HANDS IN HANDS!!

Besides, I wanna thank you for giving me mentally and physically love, and encouragement ,also being there for me when I need someone to lean on or even make you girls laugh at my most-lame jokes! I'm one lucky and blessed person to know you girls!

Four years, FOUR years we've made it! I will not let our friendship bond end here! The hugs and laughter I gave you during the bye-bye moment will still always be that strong and will always dwell in my and your heart forever! I LOVE YOU! Nothing will set us apart, because we are like 'cheese' (can't think of any other thing besides that) inseparable haha!

Okay to be honest by writing these feeling makes me wanna cry! :(

By the way,DO NOT! forget the dreams that we have made sending our Kxxx to the same kxxxxxxxxx! hehe! Attach were some picture that is still presentable there are more but then lets keep the best memory in our mind ya.

I will keep you girls in my prayer!

Dear Yue Mei,
you are my best buddy for now and forever! Thank you for always giving me a hand when I need someone to hold on! Remember there is once, I accidentally restore the wrong assignment and the complete assignment were deleted can't be retrieved and I was panic! Then you came to my place all the way here to rescue me! and and...our creativity are AWESOME, not only that we can edit video, we can catch insects and banyak lahhhh! There are many many more story to share, but we will keep it in a bottle and shall not let it expire. You are my best kawan that will go shopping, travel, pillow talk, heart to heart talk and siao with me! We have much in common, therefore we made good team mate!
We are always in the same class even lecturers ask when one is not around!We crap and comment bout almost everything!hahahah shhhh! Don't let the Juniors know! ha! Now you are moving on for goods with all my blessing and wishes I pray that you will be the brightest STAR among all! OH YAH! I won't give up on you! *finger cross!*

Dear Dot,
I haven't forget you! my most loyal friend and honest friend! haha! You make our four years wonderful with all the jokes, and naughty moment we held!I really appreciate the moments we have esp the last semester being with you at the same class playing BINGOZA and manage to answer Q during finals! geng!!! We are the women! :D I thank you for always giving me encouragement, also giving me a hand in my work also in my life! Thank you so much! We have gone through so many things, from A-Z! How can I not miss those moment?! Scratch and win kawan! I love the way you are yah, keep up your good work! Super smart at times, super doink doink at times too! TEEHEE! we are NO MORE a SOPHOMORE!

Dear Chemmy,
Er jie! I always can't recall since when I knew you, but through Dot she mentioned it was in Gen Psych class but I have no idea who you are! sowie! But it's okay I remember our dance during Public Speaking class, LEO club stuff and PROM night! You are always that weak I pity you, I pray that you will receive the healing from God every time you are in pain yah. You are a very soft spoken person, not much comment person, which makes me love you more, cause I don't like "ji-za po!" haha! Well well, you are always the er jie in my heart, no matter what happen we will always stand by your side! Don't let thing put you down, because I believe the faith in you is stronger then anything! You can do it ya! BTW, you are a good planner NOT blur k? Continue to plan more outing and trips!

ONE last thing! I heart you girls, no matter what by what I mean is no matter FAT, THIN, 10 KIDS, NO HUSBAND (choi choi choi), NOT A STAR, JOBLESS and ANYTHING! I still want to be your friend! Not only friend is BESTIES!

SCB=Siao Cha Bor!!

I love you!!!
Terms & Condition apply: Besties cannot be refundable or exchange for goods! :P

all the love,
Sabrina Ch'ng

we went through the LEO moment! ROAR!
awesome memorable getaway!
bug catching! :)

Our TM!
I love you girls like how you love me!

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