Saturday, May 1, 2010

Hit that Ball!

Labour day falls on a weekend, makes no different for those who don't work on a Saturday...therefore I went for my long awaited sports--baseball finally I manage to hit it! It's awful-awesome mixture of fun and pain! I really love experiencing these kinda sports, all extreme or casual sports as long it keeps my heart pumping on I will go for it, I'm NOT admitting that have a grate body with air-clear health. But it's never too late to try something new at least once in a life time, together to sweat it out and being in pink! Aha~ I'm lovin' it am gonna go back for another hit!
Good one!!
oh yeh, love!
Pweetiee player 2!

whooppss *pong! Hit it!
Gooooood one Sab!

poser! :Pthe extreme couple!*ignore that unprepared expression

I was shock by something today, it hits me that make a great warning indeed! It was really unexpected, I was about to fall when that knock came to my door! I’m so sorry Jesus, really sorry! It’s my bad, and please renew me with your precious blood! I need your grace and blessings!May your favor fall upon me!

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