Monday, April 12, 2010

A date with Jesus!

The breeze in the air that smells like spring water, a splash of freshness. Flower greets me with a bow, sunshine hanging in my doorway. I decided to have a good date with Him! It was a simple date yet, it was full with power!

Sometimes I do ponder why people do not like to be alone, I myself can be a loner or love to be surrounded by many people. Both have two ways of indication, being alone allows me to have space for thoughts but it will be a nightmare if there is too many unnecessary thoughts. Being with a group of people of course isn't that bad, is either you choose to be the quite person or the person who spice people up. I have dilemma on these both, perhaps I'm those who can't take too much of either one. I shattered into pieces at times, not like how people states me as a happy-go-lucky person. I can be moody, mourning about all things in life and the other side being shiny bright person! Split personality?!Aha! You've got the point, I might be one. In fact, all humans have split personality this is not a sign of death don't worry. But with the choice of human we are able to choose to be either one! According to Gordon Allport we are unique!特别 To define unique:existing as the only one or as the sole example; single; solitary in type or characteristics ( In God's word we were well showered with this word UNIQUE! He has created us as a unique individual, hence I found out that many people do not treat them self as a unique individual. I myself do fall into that category at times.

Does this picture speaks a single word?
- expression through hands-

What so unique about being yourself, having your own thoughts,character, feelings,style, emotions, and expressions-- that makes you a unique person! Agree or not, I agree cause people state you as you because you are you! (confuse?) well well, just be you, be real is just that simple! I can be down when people do not act or shall say live like they them self. It really bother me a lot! Therefore........

I pray and seek for His wisdom words, and God has mark today as the day for our date! Strong scripture that reminds me not to forget He is the Lamb of Lord, the Lord that makes me unique and lift me up from the mud! Mold me into a stronger individual that shine as a unique person.

Cast your cares on the Lord an he will sustain you;
he will never let the righteous fall.- Psalms 55:22

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