Sunday, April 11, 2010

Howdy, Sabrina!

First of all I would like to say howdy! this is my new blog, but as usual full of words and thoughts. Reason being for changing my blog it is because there are much limitation in wordpress,but I had hard feelings when I was about to swap using blogspot, anyhow, I manage to transfer my previous post from wordpress, not easy to transfer from WP to BP I did a lot of research to make the transfer a success! I miss those clean cut layout in wordpress and those time where I use to type so many emotions in it. It was a grateful and once again I want to say thank you to wordpress for being such a goodie to me :) Alas everything is now settle and I hope this spirit of posting thoughts will not die,I simply enjoy reading all the post. There and there I end my blogging in wordpress, and now I'm gonna use to this blog so much different, very much high tech which allows you to edit as much thing as you can. I can only say if you are a person who love blogging, wordpress is much like a e-journal which is much easier to access. Somehow, I guess it's time to upgrade!

Weekend was not as how it is, cause I was told that mommy and daddy had this impromptu to Penang, and L went to Muar for mission trip. Home alone? Nah, I had my plans with girlfriend Alicia in the morning and Chloe at night! Talking about Alicia I haven't really spend sometime with her, both busy schedule made it to have a day out for lunch and movies. I can say it's grateful to have her with me all these while, people always say that best friend can still be built even we don't meet each another that often, and yes I totally agree with that statement cause when we get together we still feel the strong bond of friendship between us that is what I called best friend. We had our girlie talk as usual and updates. I would not trade anything for my bestie! Coming along, night was a sleepover with C, as usual we pigged in my place catch a movie in bed and good night! I yearn to have more time with both them, very loving and warm, there is nothing I can express with words of our closeness!Thank you both darlings!

Berrylicous! I'm lovin' it! Alicia

Sunday came as usual but I was touched by the sharing from both service, I'm sure God is talking to me and I'm willing for a change in my life. I pray to Lord that I'm here please vacuum all the unwanted piece in my thoughts! I want to be clean and be a happy person,I want to mark each day with a smile! Today Jesus has once challenged me with His strong words, I say yes and let's do it! I'm home after service,plonked into my comfy bed for a good nap, now I'm ready to face everything with faith not by sight! Thank you Lord!Nice week ahead people!

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