Wednesday, April 21, 2010

POP goes the weekend!

Weekend went by quickly, yet another one is coming soon! There were much impromptu during the weekend. I was exhausted with all the meeting up back to back but I enjoyed.As mentioned I prefer slow phase..not the sign of aging but it's just me. I'm loving my lifestyle!
18/4 @ Paddington House of Pancake

to celebrate Leonard dad's birthday! *Sorry I do not have a picture of uncle George tee-hee
19/4 @Sunday Rambo, GTPJ

The hu-ha RED TEAM!

Tzeh Xuen's birthday celebration@Delicious, OU

the jing-bang gang! 11 of us, almost rock that place down!

Sab, Tzeh Xuen and LeaYee
This might be my second time playing bowling, I'm not a fancy indoor person..FYI I gave a try with the not-so-suitable outfit for sport because the others were asking me to do so...booo!
To put a picture like this makes me look and feel proud! Look where is ball is heading? Aha got it right! (doesn't matter what that Aha you have in mind :P)

Jesus has His way of doing that shuffling! Wootts!

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