Saturday, April 24, 2010

Whack It!!

Friday marks the day! I touched a FROG not only that wait till you watch the 3rd episode of Whack It brought to you by 8tv then you know what happen! I know eww and gross! It was a life time experience, all the time I was the one who work behind the scene looking at how people got prank in the studio but this time around I was the one who got prank like madness! But I enjoyed most of the time, special thanks to 8tv and Reebok for the sponsorship! I will keep updating on what happen during and after whack it! Next week will be my finals, therefore I will save up my time to be a nerd and keep updating bout Whack It as soon as possible!

In conjunction with the Breast Cancer Charity we have this shoe with the Pink Ribbon print! :) Me likey, and I support Brest Cancer Community! Special thanks to Reebok!

All geared up, make up done, headset on! and we gonna start the whack it job!

Jo, Jess and Sab
The OOhhh Yeahh team (given by producer/ maybe Prem or Julie).
Mr. Crew! They are a bunch of good people!

Got whack!! Flour, orange juicccceess!, many more!
Stay tune for more updates!

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