Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whack It!! Part 2

Here comes the interesting part where I got whack because my partner in crime can't answer a simple question! I was freaked out. The Whack was bad,but I'm sure the Whack Boys had fun,looking at us being in such a situation!Like what I mentioned in the previous post with all that gross ingredient they mixed! The most phobia one was OJ! I got it all over my body,hair and the stain on our brand new clothing and pumps won't go away!Brighter side, the stain reminds me of all the good moment!
During our slot, when we were preparing to shot, there is an incident where the main monitor to function the whole production, which is like a moving tramp, got locked! OMG, and guess what we waited for almost three hours..our energy got down and that we fully utilize our time by cam whoring, talking to the friendly crews, host and everyone got boring, the sound system man pump up the volume with awesome songs, with extreme lighting turns the studio into a club haha and everyone start doing moves, the whack boys were shuffling :D it was great fun! We got even closer during the free time.
check out far left were the whack chamber that is the most horrible chamber that I've been! You'll see what I mean when Whack It is on air! The set.
Us with Julie known as quickie host.
Julie and Prem was the host for Whack It, long story behind the scene where Prem put loads of prank on us! Ooohhh besides, we have officially broke Julie's jinx, cause she told me every group she support lost, but we've made it! :D woohooo!
During our free time we hang around the set
Our competitor, aka the TOI TOI TOI group ha!
This is what happen when the winner beat the loser down! Got WHACK!!! :)
Hold on tight for more!

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