Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sab's rulez!

I know I have been MIA for almost a month, but I'm back for goods! I have plenty to update May is always the month with fruitful things happening around. Talking bout May, I started my college life in May meaning Summer, and I started my first job during May too! How awesome is that, how can I not look forward for all the goodies coming to me? Of course, there are good things happening in May too! I would say I'm currently enjoying my work life, and I wish it would not burn out when time comes. I'm sure God has situated me at the right place and right time, I've been experiencing unpredictable, unbelievable, unbearable and undesirable.....things in past few weeks, I went deep deeper and down to high up sky! I know I'm in the midst of life changing. I make sure everything run smoothly, to stand up with faith when I fall, to staple my life with God! I have these things in mind that is so-called the rule of Sab!
Ping, Ying, Bei, Elaine, Evon
my dearest cousin Ping left to States for goods, she is older then me bout 8 or 9 year but we still click like sisters! Before she left, us the cousins throw her a small karaoke session which is full of blast,singing like there is no tomorrow adding on with those buffet they served! I definitely misses Ping, she is my best partner in crime! :D

VMware @ The Westin, 20th May 2010
Madness, it was my first first project the hassle we when through was MADNESS! I was in charge for the registration too many OT that makes me like a zombie! Alas, Roots and team manage to pull out well, with a lil hiccups here and there. Well experienced.

Not until the second wave came, this was more fun and chicky in a way.
Work + Fun = Satisfaction!

Fitness First Official Opening @ Empire Gallery, 25th May 2010

This time around I was in charge of deco and games! From balloons, tealight candles, jelly, crystals,balls, and bowls were all prepared by me. I was looking forward for the day to come, although it is a small role but it seems like a big role tho. The atmosphere were good enough, double up with my deco it was PERFECTO for a pool side partay!I was worry cause for the first time in my life being able to work in a dream job, to use my creative ideas for real. Client, and boss is satisfy with the whole deco and games! It was tiring but worthwhile.

preparation during noon

Good job to Roots and team!
The tealight candles were lite up when the night comes, will update on that as soon as possible. At the same time, I have more projects on hand but I'm glad after all is God's grace who give me the strength and wisdom to shine for Him! Not only that thankew to my unconditional supporters! I love you guys!

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