Thursday, May 13, 2010

wootss to Roots!

Things went by quickly that I do not even have the time to post or even sit down for facebook, don't get me wrong by thinking I must be hardcore shopping or whatsoever. I'm NOT I was employed in Roots Asia Pacific last Friday! My first day was Monday 10th May 2010, this is so-called my first job a job that is really blessing from God I did pray hard, and ask God to settle me a good company. Although it's not some big company but you will be surprise by knowing who is our client! Aha! Got the point I was working happily for the first week, lucky enough to go for my first ever event in Hilton KL, awesome experience two days function with the C-levels (aka CEO or COO) so it went smooth as silk. Till today the second important breakfast meeting was organize by us, things went on well not until some pop up situation! Hence I was calm when answering those question, it was when my supervisor were away I manage to pull it well! :) Thumbs up for Sab! It was a experience that I haven't came across so far, and today marks the day that I've overcome it with confidence cause I know the giant in me is bigger that everything! :D

I'm glad and I'm looking forward to work everyday, may the spirit of this hard working employee me for long long time! :) I'm bless and I will bless others! Will keep updating when I have any yeh. Nice weekend ahead!

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